Cuba was keeping up with technology

Cuba was keeping up with technology and there was a school on almost every city corner.  Men and women became pharmacists, physicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and so on.  In addition to excellent, free, public education to the eighth grade, there were private schools all over every city.  There were also trade schools.  For example, if you wanted to become a mechanic, baker, chef, hair stylist,florist,electrician,refrigeration technician, mason, plumber, or secretary you would enroll in trade school.  There were even schools to become a housewife.  All of these trades fueled private enterprise, which in turn fueled Cubans' desire to become successful and to fulfill their dreams.  

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Dania Rosa Nasca
July 30, 2016

Fidel chose July 26, 1953

Fidel chose July 26, 1953.................. It was carnival time in Santiago.  Fidel thought everyone would be drunk.

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Dania Rosa Nasca
July 26, 2016


~I didn’t know much about North Vietnam, but one day we went to Fe’s house on Calle Martí right next to the river. She told my mother that a friend of hers who left Cuba to save her family from communism had lost both her sons fighting in Vietnam. Oh my God, I remember thinking~ 

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Dania Rosa Nasca
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