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on June 22, 2017
This book should be required reading for every college student in America. I grew up in Miami and knew many Cuban immigrants, but never fully appreciated or understood their plight until reading this book. Very readable and made me feel like I was there during that very sad time in Cuban history.

on May 28, 2017
When I bought this book I figured it would be interesting but it was actually way better than I expected it to be. The author does a great job of weaving her own family's history in with the history of the Cuban revolution and the consequences of the revolution. Highly recommended.

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Camilo continued..........

On October 30 the government announced to the nation that Camilo Cienfuegos had vanished while traveling in his plane from Camag├╝ey to Habana. I still remember my mother telling me about Camilo’s mysterious disappearance a few years later while she was doing laundry.  She felt so much pain and anxiety. She just couldn’t let it go. She would look up and shake her head in disbelief and say, “Camilo, Camilo,” while I stood there listening.

             The masses threw themselves into the streets in desperation. Church bells rang all over the nation and churches were filled with parishioners praying for his safe return. Cubans of that era—among them, members of my family and many of their friends—believe it was very possible that Camilo also had confronted Fidel in person but had stopped short of resignation and public renouncement. This would have made Fidel want him gone.