Feliz Navidad Excerpt from Lights Out

A Communist Christmas

Jesus didn't promise us happiness, but he did promise us joy.  Fidel's communist system stole all of the joy.  Christmas was upon us, and the government banned the traditional use of festive outdoor lights, which signified the joy of Las Navidades.

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     Dania Rosa Nasca
     December 24, 2017

For some of you it's already Christmas Day and for some of us is Christmas Eve.  My wish and prayer this solemn night is for the people of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, China and others living under oppression to be free.  May liberty knock at their door. How about if we all pray at the same time for that evil iron curtain to be lifted once and for all?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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Excerpt from Lights Out

My mother, early 1960s. In the back you can see the first  house my grandfather  built.  I describe the house's architecture in the book.  To her right is Aurora's house. 
In the turbulent early thirties, my mother's parents decided to move to the city.  They had saved money and purchased land on Calle Fomento.  My grandfather built a house on Fomento and moved his family into it.

Here is my sister Mariblanca.  The picture was taken the same day.  You can see the front of the house much better. 
Remember, gentle reader, thanks to Fidel, the house does not even resemble its former beauty.   If you google Calle Fomento, Holguín, you may find a current picture of the house.

© Dania Rosa Nasca
December 18, 2017

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My first thought was now he has met His maker.

One year ago on November 25, 2016 Fidel Castro died.  My first thought was now he has met His maker.           

A year after Fidel Castro's death his dark legacy lives on in a forever-changed Cuba.  He destroyed a vibrant republic physically, spiritually and economically.

Fidel Castro’s legacy is different things to different people. 

For those who look at him through the lens of idealism Fidel Castro is and will always be the utopian king of the world. 

For those of us who know and lived the beast he is many things, but if I had to choose one thing to be Fidel Castro’s legacy, it would be the destruction and tearing apart of families and stable governments. 

After Castro stole the Cuban Revolution, Castro made it clear his goal was to tumble stable governments all over the world and to impose communism.  He not only destroyed the republic of Cuba and the Cuban family but his footsteps are all over Latin America, Africa, Asia and even the Middle East.  So many families torn apart.  So much loss, so many tears.   Only the truth seekers will venture to find out. 

Ironically, this year we mark one century (1917-2017) of communism.  One hundred years of madness, a madness that is still going on. Communism killed more than one hundred million people and Fidel Castro played and continues to play a role in the madness. 

Now you may ask, what legacy did Fidel Castro want to leave the world?

It will be impossible to talk about the Twentieth Century without talking about Fidel Castro.  That’s what he wanted, to be part of history. 

© Dania Rosa Nasca 
All rights Reserved
November 25, 2017