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On psychiatry in Cuba before and after Fidel, Mazorra

Some time ago just before publishing my book I mentioned I had to remove some, only some, Cuban history from manuscript. I also mentioned I would be sharing some of my historical research with you.  Below you will find more information about healthcare in Cuba before Fidel Castro.

BEFORE Fidel there was a psychiatric hospital outside Habana built on an empty lot outside Habana called Ferro. Founded in 1857, towards the end of colonial times, by Captain General Governor of the island Don José Gutierrez de la Concha, Mazorra* was initially called Hospital de Dementes. Its initial goal was to provide mental health and domicile to black slaves who had lost their mind and had been abandoned by their owners. Slavery was and is a great evil and it was no exception in Cuba. After slavery was abolished, Mazorra provided psychiatric treatment to all mentally ill Cubans regardless of race.

Later it became known as simply Mazorra. The psychiatric hospital was funded by the state and donations and its goal was to adopt the 1400’s Spaniard new psychiatric treatment known as Moral Treatment which eliminated madhouse life sentences for the mentally ill and adopted Moral Treatment to combine medicine, therapy, sports, exercise, games and entertainment, agriculture, sun and fresh air. The rest of Europe did not adopt this type of psychiatric treatment until the end of the French Revolution!

In Cuba mental illness became known as a disease and not evil madness. Research shows conditions at Mazorra were not the greatest but as time went on it continue to improve. By the late 1940’s it was a well- run mental hospital and you can find stories singing its praises and evils.

AFTER Fidel any advancement made in psychiatry in Cuba would change. Under the direction of Dr. Eduardo Bernable Ordaz, doctor turned torturer and long friend of Fidel and Raúl Castro it became the torture chambers for dissidents sent there by Fidel. In Cuba psychiatry would change from curing the human mind to remolding and destroying the human mind. Torture with electroshocks and insulin and anything else you can think of is what became of Mazorra for dissidents of all ages. Many cases of victims, as young as fifteen, are well documented. Fidel, again, has fooled the world that Mazorra is a model for psychiatry and the idiots of this world who are blind from one eye and can’t see out of the other believe him and again, sadly they include physicians from all over the world. Imagine a model of psychiatry in a country that practices the abuse of the human mind to brainwash, indoctrinate and reshape the human mind of its citizens in the Stalin fashion to the point it drives its citizens to madness and turning many of them to suicide. Imagine a model of psychiatry where there aren’t any medications to treat the mentally ill.

A relative became mentally ill in his twenties, before Fidel, was successfully treated by a psychiatrist and medications. His mental condition returned in the 1990’s and without medications in Fidel’s Cuba his family had to tie him to the bed. He went mad; he died mad.

*The politics of psychiatry in revolutionary Cuba, Dr. Armando M. Lago and Charles J. Brown.


Happy New Year! Here's an excerpt from a must read

“In the Cuba before Castro and as far back as colonial times, dreams could be achieved. Life wasn’t easy, but there was hope, and hope nourished dreams, which with work could be fulfilled...”
“Before Fidel, Cuba belonged to the Cuban people. In 1958, 62 percent of the sugar mills were owned by Cubans, and only 14 percent of the capital invested in the island came from the United States. 3 With the exception of a few U.S. companies and some other foreign businesses, which were mostly in Havana, almost all businesses in Cuba’s cities and towns were family owned. U.S. products played a vibrant role in the economy, but Cuba never belonged to the United States or to any other country. The productive, industrious, and successful Cuban people created their own robust economy, with more than fifty thousand small and medium-sized family owned businesses...”
“In communist societies, neighbors spy on neighbors; people disappear to prison camps for minor infractions or imagined ones; the government seeks to control the very minds of its citizens; the centrally planned, government-dictated economy strangles itself, leaving shortages of almost everything; and the human spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, generosity, and reverence is systematically stifled. Fidel sold out our cherished national hopes, accomplishments, and dreams. He gave Cuba, body and soul, to the Soviet Union in exchange for his own power. Our vibrant nation became a communist satellite, a soulless entity whose colorful, diverse, and passionate national identity was deliberately snuffed out...”

©Dania Rosa Nasca

Excerpt from Lights Out

"The exiles thought that local Cubans would support the invasion; however,   ..............." ©

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"Man loves liberty.......

"Man loves liberty even if he does not know that he loves it. He's driven by it and flees from where it does not exist" José Martí

Not surprised Fidel's last spit on freedom and the Cuban people will be on Martí's tomb.  

Travel back in time

Travel back in time to Cuba; tile roofs, culture, traditions and much more.

Book excerpt, "realizing he was a puppet.........."

"Realizing he was a puppet president, Urrutia declared a state of emergency..............."

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First book review in the wake of Fidel's death

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Dania speaks to the reader in easily understandable prose to communicate her message regarding the futility and tragedy of life - lived behind an "iron curtain". She masterfully weaves a chronological tale of hope and potential dashed upon the rocks of egotism and greed as she lays bare the route evil of Communism. All "sleepwalking" liberals, (like me), would be well served to spend the weekend considering her anecdotal and historical account of the "darkness" that befell Cuba in 1959. This author should be interviewed on C-Span's Book TV program to help spread the word - even as the criminal Fidel "meets his maker"